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3 Quick & Unique Tips: Keeping Remote Teams Engaged With Cyber Safety

3 Quick & Unique Tips: Keeping Remote Teams Engaged With Cyber Safety

Remote Working Was On The Move Even Before March 2020

Offering a new set of pros (flexibility, larger area to source talent from) and cons (lack of in-person social engagement, security considerations, management challenges) to companies across the globe. In the wake of many companies rushing to work-from-home scenarios, and many more enacting dusty BCP plans that had never considered the WOW case scenarios, the first concerns in March were to get everyone online, back to being somewhat productive, and many leaders we spoke to were (rightly) primarily concerned with their teams mental and physical well being.

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The flip side and risk-based challenges at the time that we are only now coming to grips with:
  • Protecting your organization against the massive spike in cybercrime during this global crisis
  • Your employee's ability to rapidly adapt to new ways of working
  • Upskilling on the fly to new technologies and systems to use (ie zoom, teams, etc)
  • Keeping your remote teams engaged and productive as the crisis continues and the future still seems uncertain
  • Working as a leader in your organization towards increased agility, contributing to positive work culture, and maintaining your own productivity!

In order to meet the challenges above, a strategic view should be applied as to how to encompass positive culture change, organizational and team agility, digital skills, remote work capabilities, and cyber security awareness all in one go (cough cough, we do this). Here are some quick wins you can score along the way to engage your teams, deliver cyber awareness learning, support agile mindsets and build a positive work culture– to prove that these out of the box approaches work, to lay the groundwork for a larger learning program, or just to keep everyone in the loop in something that goes beyond a tick box exercise. (Cause we all know how employees, especially those under stress and quarantine love those "one size fits all," long, dry, and dated e-learning modules).



Trivia challenges and quick player games can be built online and delivered to an audience via a link in their web browser. We’re particularly fond of the ones where the questions are on the screen and the users can use their own mobile devices as an answer pad- all delivered via browser, no downloads necessary. Here’s a free trivia game we created for remote working teams during this global shutdown. Try it out with your teams today to see if this gamified approach works for you. (For customization to brand or your policy, or to find out what other games we have up our sleeve, contact us here)

Cyber Attack Or Heavy Metal Band? Launch the Quiz!


Video content is king in our digital consumption lives both at work and in our personal lives as we browse the web and consume content. Using short videos at the beginning of a virtual meeting or sending them to the team in your chat rooms can act both as a ‘learning moment’ and a "pick me up" if you’ve got the right content. Here’s a free video from our catalog that reminds your team of the importance of password safety, especially during this crisis. Credential theft is a huge threat and the number of phony websites and phishing emails designed to fool your teams into clicking has exploded in the past few months, and it was no joke beforehand. Encouraging your employees to create strong passwords, discourage re-use, and not share with co-workers or friends should be a foundational part of your cyber security awareness (and policy!).

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Password Rap FREE Video Check It Out Here


Keeping your employees productive and as we like to think, helping them stay in the ‘flow’ of work by NOT creating horrible content or too much text when delivering messages of change and important information. It’s about reducing cognitive friction while increasing positive associations and productivity. Infographics and Social Media Style posts are a fantastic way to do this (which is why the marketing teams use them so often- they are some of the most popular content aside from videos on the web today). Here is a free Infographic that you can use for your teams on the importance of working safely at home. Want more? Sign up here.

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Sometimes it’s hard to know what end of the elephant to get started with when thinking about and building a cyber-safe culture as a holistic program of change. From internal obstacles to change to budget restrictions. With the current challenges with remote working, the explosion of cybercrime in the wake of COVID19, and the even greater risk of business disruption or data breach for companies of all sizes- there is no better time to get your employees upskilled in digital safety and cyber awareness.

Interested in talking to our team about how we can help you deliver impactful cyber awareness as a continual learning program (basically you can sit back and our platform and super content do the work)? We have special discounts for small to midsize businesses affected by COVID 19, and our standard platform can get you up and running in less than 48 hours for about the same price you would pay to buy your employees one donut every month. Here’s info on our platform: And here’s how you can get in touch. PS We have a team of recovered salespeople who hate the hard sell, so if you’re used to avoiding calling a company because you’re afraid you’ll be harassed, we get it. We’ve been there.

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