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Here we go again on our own, going down the only road we’ve (n)ever known..

with each person
We tackle the most challenging topics and ensure it makes a connection with everyone. Every moment of our days are dedicated to creating happy, cyber-secure humans.
your audiences & risk
We have spent years testing, honing, and perfecting our models and measurement frameworks. We can uncover things about your risk and culture that no one else can. Period.
your unique culture
Culture is not a score, it isn’t a poster on a wall, and it certainly isn’t compliance training. We are a true partner in creating a new cyber culture through connections, data, and taking critical action.

Everyone Loves Fortune Cookies

Just Like Cybermaniacs, fortune cookies have a curious and often delightful effect on people, delivering excitement & good advice, all in a bite-sized package!

show-hat-magician 1
Mystery and Suprise
Humans are naturally curious. The act of opening something unknown to reveal a surprise, even if it's just a piece of paper with a saying or prediction, sparks interest.
happy-face 1
Even though the messages in fortune cookies are generic, people tend to personalize them, seeking ways in which the message might relate to their own lives.
brightness-4 1
Optimism Bias
Most fortune cookie messages are positive or neutral. This aligns with our cognitive bias towards optimism, where we hope for positive outcomes in our lives.
cog 1
Interactive Experience
Unlike passively receiving a message, there's an interactive component to fortune cookies. The act of cracking the cookie open to retrieve the message makes the experience more engaging.

We believe in science...

Everything we do deals in science... from psychology, anthropology, language, learning styles, etc.

Key Data
Psychology, Didactics, Heutagogy
We are rooted in the study and development of the human mind and behavior, the art and science of teaching, and self-determined learning. We stand alone in our approach & journey.
Measure What Matters

Personalized Experience
Build a Point System
Badges & Recognition
Leaderboards & Prizes

Cloud Based
Corporate Anthropology
Everything we do is underpinned by deep experience around company dynamics, values, beliefs, rituals, and behaviors. This enables us to provide insights on how to implement changes that are both accepted and sustained over time.
Easy as Pie
Meaningful Change
Our experience is designed to be super smooth for customer onboarding and for the user’s experience. We aim to be the new standard in Cyber Education.

Make that change...

Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity. We can help you build a proactive cyber culture program. 
You can't make an impact without powerful creative and content. Your search ends here. No one does it like us!
People don't respond to punitive actions or punishment. We take a novel & positive approach that everyone embraces. 
If you want to create change in your culture...
You have to take a completely fresh, novel, and sustainable approach.
In cyber security today, we need to tap into culture, values, mission, and purpose in our employees, families, friends, and co-workers. The “thing” we are now fighting for may just be our way of life... and our ability to stay free, safe, and whole."
— Kate G. CEO of Cybermaniacs

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