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Meet the Camelot Group

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission, which regulates wagering in Great Britain, has entrusted Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd. to run The National Lottery since 1994. Under Camelot’s operation, the National Lottery generates over £30 million (GBP) each week to fund projects that support people and communities across the UK to thrive.

Given the magnitude of that mandate, it’s no surprise that Camelot prioritizes compliance and sets a high standard for its employees. That carries with it expectations about the firm’s culture, approaches, and otherwise ensuring that it is staying ahead of the curve on all things cybersecurity.

Camelot is, by nature, a heavily regulated environment. That’s why we needed something different. We needed to cut through the noise in everyone’s inbox.
We wanted to go big.
— Lucy Slater, Senior Data Governance Manager

Good Cybersecurity Culture:
Way Beyond “Ticking the Box”

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Building and maintaining trust with its users is critical, so Camelot takes privacy and personal information protection very seriously.

“That’s how we do things,” Daniel Selman, Camelot’s Data Protection Officer, said.

And that’s why they came to Cybermaniacs.
Daniel affirmed that cybersecurity is “constantly evolving”, and added that “threats don’t always look the same, so it can be hard to teach your team what exactly to look out for.”

Many firms fallback on conventional mass training courses to try to keep their employees current on cybersecurity. But how many managers, leaders and employees are actually paying attention, honing and embedding the great security habits that will last as the threats change and evolve with their training?

It’s very easy for someone to complete an online training course, ‘tick the box’ and say you’ve done it…but does that course ever pop back into their mind? Doubtful. You want people to get this stuff, to really remember it, and have it become almost like a second nature or muscle memory. When they see an email you want them to think, ‘Oh, do I need to do this? Is this legit?
— Daniel Selman, Data Protection Officer
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Get people’s attention
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Make it interesting
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Make them remember
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Make them take action
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Cybermaniacs creative team got to work.

They designed and produced a series of bespoke, unforgettable videos that charmed and delighted while also educating and informing Camelot's security culture.

Visual interest, lots of humor and dynamic writing reinforced and reinvigorated training as it deeply established the key tenets of that culture.

Reinforcing key topics such as information access and sharing, incident reporting procedures, spotting suspected social engineers, and acting with security and integrity in mind, Cybermaniacs developed five films in a series that were filmed on location at Camelot’s offices outside of London.

Starting with the main objective to help raise, and maintain awareness of good security and privacy practices and behaviors at Camelot, they dug into the history of the brand and brainstormed concepts that would resonate with employees.

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The Results?

How Cybermanicas delivered ROI for Camelot Group

It’s hard to say what was more fun: chasing lead character ‘Si Berenski’ down a stairwell with a giant inflatable Lotto ball, or having a hacker with pink hair and a bandana chase the team around the offices during our filming days.
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“We have been absolutely thrilled with what we got,” Daniel said. Employees laughed out loud when they watched the videos, and talked about it for months. The team at Camelot loved the videos, according to the feedback that leadership received from employees.

It was a fresh way to shake up the training and garner attention like never before. The highly engaging and fun materials make it easier for Camelot to maximize the utilization of its customized education series.

The possibilities are endless: videos on screens throughout the office, replays in meetings, and broadcast during company gatherings.

By making cybersecurity training an unforgettable experience, Cybermaniacs is able to do what cookie-cutter cybersecurity training cannot: engage employees by capitalizing on everything psychology tells us works.

Simply put, boring doesn’t cut it—especially as the potential cost-related to cyber breaches has skyrocketed of late.

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How Can Cybermaniacs Help You?

Like many Cybermaniacs clients, the cyber team at Camelot were looking for a completely fresh way to grab employees’ attention and truly drive home the important themes around being cyber secure in their company.

Camelot truly felt that Cybermaniacs' bespoke production services was the best place to start, to bring outsized attention to their program.

Cybermaniacs is unlike any other company in our space. We work with clients to build and deliver unique courses, content, and media that employs our deep understanding of psychology, culture, neuroscience, and learning models. While we often use humor to make content more sticky, we have many different approaches that grab people’s attention and make our content the most enjoyable, understandable, and memorable.

Our courses, videos, and infotainment are used across all internal corporate communications channels. We can also work with your teams at large to coordinate human resources campaigns, as well as physical workspaces in order to build a security-minded culture.

There are so many ways that we can bring your cyber culture, awareness, and human risks programs to life… Bespoke production is just one example of Cybermaniacs’ unique approach.

Our solutions span from our Cybersecurity Awareness & Compliance Learning Experience, to our powerful Human Cyber Culture & Risk Baseline. In the end, we are all about helping organizations build the habits and mindset needed to stay safe in an ever-changing risk landscape.

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