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Turn and face the strange. We have all sorts of helpful posts here to get you leveled up ASAP. From cutting edge changes to best practices, we've got you covered.

Cyber Basics (2)

computer wearing a superhero mask

Surfing Safely with Your Browser's Digital Identity

Cookies have been a staple of online user tracking since 1991. These tiny bits of data play a vital role in our digital lives, helping websites...

3 min read

a gloved hand lays bricks in the foreground, in the background is a construction site

Building Strong Cybersecurity Foundations

The interconnected world we live in today is like a high-speed rollercoaster with no brakes, hurtling through cyberspace at warp speed. Gone are the...

3 min read

Aerial view of a person's legs folded up on the bed as they work from home with their computer and notebook around them. A cat rests on their legs

The Remote Work Revolution: Navigating Security in a Changing Landscape

The outbreak of COVID-19 reshaped the world in ways we could scarcely have imagined. Beyond its obvious health and social impacts, the pandemic...

5 min read

Blog header showing a person holding a phone, the screen shows that it has been locked by hackers and they are demanding payment for the user to regain access.

Ransomware and the Human Element

In recent years, ransomware and cyber attacks have escalated in both frequency and magnitude, sending shockwaves through the business world.

5 min read

Blog header featuring a laptop screen showing an anonymous person's social media profile

Securing Your Digital Space: Social Media Unmasked

In the bustling metropolis of the internet, the social media platform stands as a digital neighborhood where we all gather to chat, share, and...

5 min read

Keeping Grandma & Grandpa Safe Online This Holiday Season

Keeping Grandma & Grandpa Safe Online This Holiday Season

Keeping Our Treasured Ones Cyber-Safe: A Holiday Guide

3 min read

Blog header of a safe sitting upon a table top

The 9 Golden Rules to Keep Your Passwords Safe and Secure

In our fast-paced digital world, where passwords guard everything from your bank account to your cat’s Instagram profile, ensuring their security is...

3 min read

Blog header depicting a christmas scene in the foreground, twinkling lights, hot chocolate, and candy canes. In the background is a laptop opened to Cybermaniacs home page.

Staying Cyber Safe Over the Holidays

It's time. The holidays are upon us, a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration. But in recent years, our festivities have taken on a digital...

6 min read

Blog header with a magician making a lock appear

The Wonderful World of Passwords

How is your Strong Password Game? In a world where cyber threats and data breaches are as common as a bad cold, password security is your digital...

4 min read


Cybersecurity Today: Creating Strong Passwords

Psst: CISOs and experts, this is one of our beginner-oriented articles! If you're looking for more advanced material, we recommend a dive into the...

4 min read