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Insights from the State of Enterprise Tech 2023

Insights from the State of Enterprise Tech 2023

The State of Enterprise Tech 2023 report by Insight Partners provides a comprehensive view of the rapidly changing landscape of enterprise technology.

As work arrangements focus on the return to office plan CISOs can improve cybersecurity, while supporting flexible work.

The State of Enterprise Tech 2023 report by Insight Partners provides a comprehensive view of the rapidly changing landscape of enterprise technology. As businesses navigate digital transformation and adopt cloud services, cybersecurity emerges as a top priority, with a particular focus on cloud and infrastructure security. The report sheds light on shifting budget allocations, what makes enterprise cybersecurity important, the role of consolidation, and the growing importance of security platforms.

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The transition to cloud services continues to reshape enterprise cybersecurity strategies, in fact, a significant 44% of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) rank cloud and infrastructure security as their most relevant cyber tech category in 2023. With businesses collecting and leveraging vast volumes of data in cloud environments, securing these assets remains paramount.


While the amount allocated to cybersecurity budgets remains relatively stable, there is a notable shift in where these funds are invested. 98% of respondents planned to either maintain or increase their security budget. However, ongoing macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges are causing enterprises to reassess capital allocation.

This shift is reflected in the changing approach to cybersecurity spending. Innovation initiatives are deprioritized in favor of consolidating and operationalizing the existing security stack. Enterprises are focusing on achieving comprehensive coverage of controls across their environment while minimizing the introduction of new tools. This trend mirrors the wider innovation landscape, where platform-driven solutions gain traction for their risk reduction and automation capabilities.


The rapid transition to cloud services and digitalization continues to drive the need for robust cybersecurity measures. Enterprises, particularly those with over $10 billion in revenue, are leading the charge in increasing security spending. A notable 51% of such enterprises planned to boost their cybersecurity budgets, targeting an average increase of 22.8%.

The expanding scope of the CISO's responsibilities and the shifting security features of cloud and infrastructure environments contribute to the heightened budgetary focus. With other parts of the business stack now operating under compressed cybersecurity budgets, CISOs and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are reevaluating their tooling strategies. The emphasis is on operational efficiencies, with a move toward consolidation and the identification of existing tools that can be replaced by new vendors.

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ZTNA solutions emerge as a key priority for CISOs seeking robust security capabilities. ZTNA allows businesses to maintain control and monitoring over access to decentralized cloud landscapes. This aligns with the broader trend of emphasizing control and security in an increasingly digital and cloud-centric environment.


The report underscores the critical role of cybersecurity in the ever-evolving enterprise landscape. As cloud adoption and digitalization reshape business operations, cloud and infrastructure security take center stage. While budget allocations remain stable, a strategic shift toward consolidation and operational efficiency is evident. This transformation reflects broader trends in the innovation space, with a focus on platform-driven solutions. As enterprises adapt to changing contexts, cybersecurity remains a cornerstone of their strategic endeavors.


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