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Channeling Edna Mode as CISO

Channeling Edna Mode as CISO

Everybody's Saying It. Literally. Everybody. The Most Important thing about (enter company here) is our people.

Ever since Peter Drucker started talking about the promise of the “knowledge worker” in the “knowledge economy”, the individuals within an organization have been increasingly seen as a critical source of competitive advantage.

Edna Mode from "The Incredible" walking triumphantly on table

Work Culture

Getting the “attitude” right, the “culture” right, the “collaboration” right in an organization is definitely on the board agenda and is likely to stay there. Effectively, companies that look and treat their staff like superheroes are, more often than not, getting this part of the equation right. And they are reaping the benefits of superior performance.

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In order for them to feel and perform like superheroes, your people need a bit of protection and support. And when the going gets heavy, where do superheroes turn to for a bit of protection and support. They turn to Edna.

Edna Mode from "The Incredibles" looking into security camera

In Pixar’s “The Incredibles”, Mr. & Mrs. Incredible rely heavily on the fashion skills of Edna Mode, (created and voiced by Brad Bird) to both maximize their unique strengths and protect their weaknesses. In spite of a ban on superhero activities, Mr. & Mrs. Incredible have remained close with Edna because she is able to do more than simply oversee the design and production of an appropriately defensive bodysuit.

Nay, EMode is far more to them. She generously provides crucial insights into their mission, and the best approach for success, she understands their emotional sensitivities and knows just what to say to inspire them.


Is Your CISO Protecting Your People?

No, far too often, CISOs don’t come across as if they are just as committed to the staff’s confidence, success, and mission as the staff is. They don’t seem awfully creative in how they are going about designing the protective kit that every employee must wear when venturing out into the virtual world. And they sure as heck don’t, (on average, mind you…Roland, just relax), display an overgenerous amount of emotional intelligence when it comes to motivating staff to change their behaviors.

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It’s easy to imagine how much better life would be at any company that considers its people to be its most important asset if Edna were their CISO. Decisive and creative, passionate and practical, committed, and compassionate. She would not only design cyber security to be sleek and effective, but it would also be stylish and inspire confidence in the people relying on it day in and day out.

Heck, Would edna have used puppets? yeah, she'd probably use puppets

Mo of the Cybermaniacs in Albert Einstein wig
The Cybermaniacs create cyber-secure humans through our learning experience platform and unique approach to change. Fuzzy on the outside, data-driven on the inside, our cyber awareness training content is sure to delight all demographics at your organization.  Learn more about our platform and take a ride on a free demo.

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