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The Ethos Behind Our Cyber Security Awareness

The Ethos Behind Our Cyber Security Awareness

Our goal is serious cyber security awareness through laughter

We know that cyber threats are growing as fast as the apathy individuals have towards cybersecurity awareness and the training they are given.

There is so much information and entertainment people are overloaded and you now have to cut through that to engage your staff.

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A great way to win their attention is through humour. Here is how we make people laugh…

Why are employees difficult to reach during cyber security training?

Now the science bit. There are loads of things that we need to understand when creating engaging content to sell ideas to people.

First, we need to understand why staff are hard to reach.

Using Storytelling and Characters in training

But to be funny about something serious you need to understand the subject and the challenges of delivering that knowledge.

Everything we have observed and learned has led us to believe the current approach most Small and Medium-sized businesses are using is not hitting the spot with their staff.

This is why we believe that storytelling and characters need to play a bigger part in the process of learning and engagement.

Why WE WON'T use fear in cyber awareness training

Using fear to educate about cyber threats has been the go-to approach for many businesses.

But humans have many more emotions that can be tapped into to deliver a message.

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We have found that delivering a message in a more positive way is more effective in creating behaviour change.

Unique Creation and delivery

Cyber security threats are changing rapidly, what might have been relevant yesterday may not be a threat today… when was the last time you changed your fax machine password?

So the message you deliver about staying safe in a cyber world needs to be adapted, updated and delivered constantly and consistently.

This all needs to be distributed in a way that informs and has positive behavioural change on your workforce.

Getting Beyond a tick-box exercise

We have seen stats that tell us that if people can skip to the end, cheat or tick an “I agree” box without taking in the information they will.

This is a major hurdle for any e-Learning experience. Our research has shown that the solution is to create better engagement with better content.

In many ways, cyber security awareness is Russell Crowe in Gladiator… “Are you not entertained?”

What to measure creating a cyber security strategy

For us, the human firewall is the most important line of defence.

So we need to look at the baseline of your organization’s implementation and working knowledge and then monitor metrics that will demonstrate behavioural change and individual approaches to cyber safety.

And now a funny poem about passwords.


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