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Happy, Cyber Secure Humans 

Baseline Assessment & Culture Map

Understanding Who & Why is the foundation of a strong security culture.

Got humans? Got risk. How does it all fit together? 


Change is built on belief and action

It is built on trust with people, and requires a deep respect and understanding of the cultures you want to influence towards positive security values. 

Creating happy, cyber-secure humans at your company is what we are all about. Each company is unique, each human you need to touch has a story.  Measure, analyze, and empower your workforce for cyber resilience. 






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of Cyber Incidents Have a Human Cause

It's true. And we've known it for a while now.
Hackers are targeting humanware more than hardware. If you want to find vulnerabilities in hardware, you can, log, monitor, analyze, and optimize.

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Culture to Breach Risk

Studies show how toxic cultures, blame cultures, or siloed, fractious operating environments actually create more risk for breaches and incidents.
Making humans less vulnerable is an ongoing process of change, education, and adaptation. Culture is the bedrock of those mechanisms. If you want to help secure your workforce, you have to know them first.


CISOs rate culture challenges as priority

A key role of an effective CISO is to build trust and engagement. With their team, the board, and the workforce. Your map of culture and values, sentiment, and perception give you the communication tools needed to build trust and strategies for engagement. 

Want to design better incentives for your team? Thinking of running a company-wide game as a learning exercise? Rolling out a new policy? All succeed or fail based on alignment with your audience. 

How To Get From Here To There

Understand your organizational risk through the lens of people, behavior, and culture. Design and deliver highly impactful change programs. Drive engagement and understanding of security requirements. What are the steps you need to take to get the people on the bus? 


Start Here

If vision tells you where you are going, and strategy tells you how you plan to get there.... how do you know which elements will help (or hinder) learning and culture programs? What are the unique elements of your cyber-human landscape? 

Our HCSH Baseline Assessment measures and benchmarks cyber knowledge and behavior and provides insight into the perception and sentiment of key security factors across your organization. It provides a detailed map of organizational culture and cyber safety culture for all of your digital tribes. 



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Unique to You

Culture is not a score. It is the way things are done, and has both safe and risky elements, within your overall culture or subcultures that exist. Our team of experts (anthropologists, behavioralists, psychology PhDs, change specialists, and more) work with you and your team to identify layers of risk and help you plan meaningful interventions and influence strategies. Our approach is consultative, intimate, and actionable; all built for the specific challenges you face.

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Deeper Dives

Once a baseline is established, deeper dives of measurement and analysis are available in key risk areas such as executive and board cyber safety, high-risk roles, and multinational challenges. Avoid survey fatigue, survey overload, and survey malaise through continual, super light touch measurement. Pinpoint high-risk audiences, change resistance areas, and hot button topics.

If you are a CLX customer, your baseline is integrated into the measurement framework embedded in our learning experience platform. 

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Change Faster

Understand your workforce at a deeper, granular, insightful level to accelerate engagement and learning.

Cybermaniacs Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Identify strengths and weaknesses in cyber competencies by audience, function, and role.

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Map Your Culture

Understand your organizational, cyber safety culture and how to influence it towards cyber behavior improvements.

Cyber Security + Your Culture = Success

Get Educated. Be Successful. Feel Secured.


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