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*Cyber Security Awareness as a Service 





Need A Wingman?

Creating happy, cyber-secure humans is a board-level strategic imperative for every company.  (Early formations of this concept have to date been known as "Cyber Awareness" by archeologists) 

Creating secure, resilient humans spans all departments and functions. It covers cyber security and digital risk reduction, compliance, and regulatory needs. It leverages learning and development, the future of work, employee satisfaction, and retention strategies. It is linked to maintaining a positive workplace culture. And even impacts the realized value from digital transformation. 

Talk to me, Goose

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Content That Sticks

and a team that rocks

Creating cyber security humans touches every part of an enterprise today.  A mature and successful program requires a wide range of skills, resources, talents, tools, tricks, and even a bit of creative flair.  You need an understanding of L&D, of technical cyber security. As well as digital design, video editing motion graphics, oh and a statistical analyst who can drive backward while eating a sandwich.

Good news, though. We're here to here to help. 


Skits, Songs, Sketches. Newsdesks. Animated explainers. Social style shorts. A plethora to choose from. 


Engaging and enticing infographics that don't just list threat stats your employees will ignore. 

Social Style

Posts and Graphics, Polls and GIFs, we even Meme. This is nano content to sprinkle around.


A range of content that helps people take action. Our empathetic approach to engagement wins here every time. 


Catalog of Engagement Content

Creative content for audiences on every cyber topic. From straightforward videos to puppets singing about cyber-secure habits, we cover it all. Infographics, newsletters, how-to guides, posters, trivia questions, interactives.... the list is endless. Need content without a platform? We got you covered. 

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Campaign Delivery

Delivering cyber awareness engagement content to multiple audiences makes for more effective targeted learning. But it's often hard to scale and stay on target. We can help. With prebuilt content, campaigns, templates, and best practice learning paths- tell us what you want to achieve and we will get you there.

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Service as a service 

We know how much needs to go into a full-fledged cyber awareness program. Our roadmaps, frameworks, content, and team can help you fill out the middle delivery, and our creative and human approaches allow for innovation at the edge. Jumpstart a program, accelerate delivery, or create more targeted content for high-risk groups. 

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Get More Of The SecAwaaS, SecAwho, and SecAwhY

Sure, it's a mouthful, but we'll guarantee you'll feel SecaSecured.


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