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Your team deserves it.

Upskill and influence every employee at speed by engaging the human element first. 


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Step into a Stream of Continual Learning

Lengthy, static, push-based 'courseware' of the past has given way to a modern, flexible approach to learning. Read on to find out how we deliver a unique blend of cloud-based platforms with killer creative content. Backed by data.  

10% Fuzzy

Just enough funny for laughing while learning.  

20% Nudgey

Behavioral nudges, personal motivation, and encouragement at each step. 

30% Courses

Push-based microlearning running on a continual stream of awesome. 

40% Free Range

Mastery comes with autonomy, curiosity, and employees learning to protect what they truly care about.  


Better Content

Our top-tier creative team uses agile and continuous development cycles to deliver our myriad content types in ways that are useful, practical, and personal. We always approach employees with a hip, pop culture feel, and always make sure there is something for everybody at your company. This is not your standard 'e-learning' of yore. Come see why we call it awareness 2.0

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Better Delivery

Our unique delivery of Cyber Learning Experience is a psychologically informed approach with a modern data-driven platform. Behind the scenes, we are blending behavioral analytics, threat intelligence, and industry challenges for companies to always receive the right blend of content. We use insight to determine what your people like, what they need, and how you can empower each and every employee to embrace a more cyber secure organizational culture. 

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Better Insight

Our CLX platform provides deeper insight into the many elements of your "humanware." Scan for vulnerabilities, look for patterns, benchmark progress, and analyze changes. There is more to your humans that directly affects risk that scores on e-learning tests won't tell you. Come see why going beyond a ticking boxes exercise and thinking of us like your Human-SOC is a look into the future of what is possible with awareness 2.0 

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Welcome to a psychologically- culturally conscious cyber awareness.  

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Plug-&-play program of change

Cloud-Based Subscription 

Companies < 1,000 Employees

Top Tier Awareness Content

Underdog Pricing 

SLE Information

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Automated Delivery

Cloud Based Subscription & Add Ons

Companies > 1,000 Employees

Customizable, Scalable, Flexible

More than Just Compliance 

ELE Information



Learning as a Journey

A personal journey. A key element in our unique, powerful approach to delivery is how our Cyber Learning Experience creates a personal and personalized journey for employees. So everyone at your organization learns what is needed for compliance and what they need for themselves, their families, and communities. 

Habits are personal, culture is shared, and learning is a journey, not a destination.




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"We've had a few outages from security breaches and malware. We chose Cybermaniacs because the content is funny and sticky, the learning is pragmatic, and we liked the personal touches. It will help keep our staff safe at home too, as many are now mobile."
Joe L.
Vanguard TX
"...there's no current way of patching end users. The only sensible solution is to educate and train them to protect themselves at home and at work. The Cybermaniacs can make a huge difference. "
Mike L.
Unnamed Medical Industry Company
"97% employee satisfaction was way beyond what we expected. I will be sure to find the 3% of employees who didn't give you a 4 or 5 and send them a copy of the NIST guidelines for bedtime reading. "
Major US Hospital
"I'm a lawyer. I've taken *a lot* of compliance and corporate training over the years. This is hands down the best sh**t I've ever seen. Doesn't feel like training."
Bobby L.
Our Favorite Legal Client

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