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Content Subscriptions that sizzle

Platformless Engagement

Think of it like this: 

  •  A catalog of learning content so creative, fun, and modern, it doesn't feel like 'training'

  •  A stream of fresh, novel, quality digital and physical assets for your team to use as they need when they need

  • A creative S.W.A.T.  team releasing content whenever something big happens in cyber (yes, that means always) 
  • A membership to the coolest club in town with exclusives, velvet booths, and puppets 


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Many Series to Choose From

With and Without Fuzz

Informative Content

Interactive & Engaging Experiences
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Memes, GIFs, and Nudges
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Fast and fun with moving parts

Rewards that Rock

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Digital Club

A yearly subscription to digital content galore. Infotainment, songs, screensavers, newsletters, video nudges, and more. 

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Fun Cyber Awareness Videos

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Posters Club

Choose from monthly or quarterly programs. Have posters, signs, and more delivered to your office door. 

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Cyber Awareness Posters and Signs


Clubs Gold!

Clubs Gold is a subscription level that combines digital and physical engagement support, plus extras, rapid releases, exclusives, and discounts on additional services

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Cyber Awareness Learning Assets
My teams are focusing on engagement, but struggle with the volume of content needed at a global organisation. Having Cybermaniacs Clubs means we are lightning fast to deliver targeted content to specific audiences.
We deliver our corporate compliance training on an internal platform and were looking for ways to deliver engaging content to grab employees attention. Cybermaniacs Clubs makes delivering monthly campaigns and ad hoc learning moments a breeze!
Awareness Lead, Retail Industry

The Password is Am@ziw@r3n3ss

It’s the most secure club your company will ever be a part of


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